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Scientists are using platforms such as Twitter to communicate their research. Tweets offer insights into scientific research but fail to apply formal processes that enable accurate reading beyond interpretation and opinion. Due to the lack of digital literacy in social media utilisation for researchers, tweeted literature fails to impact the general public through traditional approaches, dissociating empirical evidence from the necessary hypothesis needed to understand it. 

     This has magnified scientific scepticism. The EU is at the epicentre of discussion on social media liberties with the spread of misinformation and disinformation. We propose a standardised framework to segment a research paper into an encapsulated Twitter thread for easier dissemination void of any opinion or bias beyond the scope of the original research paper. Using this templated notation approach, this allows a concise overview of research methodology, findings, and analysis into a “thread” as the original research paper’s authors and investigators’ intended. Researchers referencing Twitter posts for their own research need a mechanism to accurately cite research. Our proposed format to convert research papers into a twitter thread can be viewed at www.rethread.science

     We call upon the EU to favour objective, attributable, & structured scientific communication on social media. Repurposing its training tools and allocating part of its research funding could bolster evidence-based scientific discourse.